‘Whatever a friend would do’



A world where the quality of life for people with a disability is equal in every possible way to the able-bodied: practically, emotionally, medically, and spiritually.



To give companionship, friendship, encouragement and support to people with disabilities; to integrate them into society and church communities; to provide practical help in order to relieve physical or emotional distress.



We will fulfil our purpose in the UK through:

  • TRANSPORTATION: Providing transport for people with disabilities to and from home, church and social gatherings.
  • FRIENDSHIP: Ensuring that each disabled person is accompanied by a volunteer to ensure their comfort and safety at our events; going to where they are through home visitation.
  • SOCIAL EVENTS: Providing opportunities for socialising with other disabled people and with volunteers through days out and specially arranged activities. 

We will fulfil our purpose in Kenya through:

  • MEDICAL CARE: Providing medications, physical and occupational therapy, orthotics and prosthetic equipment, and palliative care, free of charge to disabled children in the region of Nyeri, Kenya.
  • FREE SPECIALIST EQUIPMENT: Providing free Assistive Cardboard Equipment support chairs and standing frames for disabled children who otherwise would have no help with sitting or standing unassisted. 
  • DAY CARE: Providing those children left at home during the day with a place to spend time with other children, ensuring their safety and enhancing their social interaction.
  • RESCUE CENTRE: Expanding our rescue centre for at-risk children where they can receive 24 hour care and medical treatment.